We do not operate the approach adopted by some solicitors, banks or other organisations by charging a percentage based on the value of the estate.

Instead, our fees are based on the amount of time required.

You will receive a letter from us quoting a fixed fee.  There will be other additional costs payable to 3rd parties, such as the probate application (£155), advertising in the London Gazette and local newspaper (£200-£300) etc.

We strongly recommend that you obtain a quote from us as you would be surprised how much other businesses charge. If you would prefer to save time, you can supply us with a written quote to see if we can beat it.

There are no upfront costs to pay as our Probate and Estate administration fees are deferred and will be taken from the Estate once funds are available.

To give you an idea of fees for the application of probate only;

Small estates with no tax payable (using forms IHT205 etc) - from £1,800 plus VAT plus court fees of approximately £300

Estates where tax is payable - from £3,500 plus VAT plus court fees of approximately £300

If a Probate provider (bank, funeral company or solicitor) charges 1%-2% on the estate, this could be up to £16,000 plus VAT on a £800,000 estate). 


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